Thursday, July 5, 2012


Demonologists / HHL split:
"The flipside of this tape features two long tracks from HHL, a noise artist from Portland, Oregon that has only appeared on the HN scene fairly recently, but whose recordings thus far have delivered a solid harsh noise aesthetic that on this tape falls in somewhere between the hypnotic, suffocating black walls of The Rita and the heaviest junk-noise avalanches of K2. Titled "Shame Gauge" and "Reflecting Disgust", these two ten minute pieces bombard the listener with a constant storm of low-end static, howling speaker abuse, and collapsing walls of metallic noise surging upwards in a powerblast of electronic destruction. 
This is the harshest entry into the Infernal Machines series, without question. Issued in a full color sleeve in a limited edition of one hundred copies."

Unexamine / HHL split:

"I am sure you have heard both of these HNW acts by now and I don't really have to describe them too much. I will say that one is blistering and the other is bludgeoning and I think you can guess which is which. This cassette is pure HNW and needs to be owned by anyone who claims to care about the genre. I love this. 

The tape looks pretty rad. Black and white photos of models and simple Helvetica in all caps. It's well printed and well designed and I am stoked to own this. You should be too.

Buy one for your most fucked up friend."

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